Creativity Log

Work in progress…

2019: Zone 4: Proposal to turn Sydney Vane House into the world’s largest Orgone Accumulator.Teepublic page to go live.

December: 3 headed troll digital print to be finished 

December: 2 strips for ZONE 3:

Completed work…


December: Launch of Scales & Weights by Hollie Lucia featuring my artwork

October: ‘Citizen X’ T-shirts available from Teepublic.

October: Self published paperback book ‘After You Alex’ put on sale.

October: ‘Justin Bieber in Hell’. Drawn for a raffle prize for Drink & Draw 

October: ‘Ambergris’ Digital print included in exhibition at St James, Guernsey.

September: ZONE at Geekend, Candie Museum Guernsey.

May: Volunteered at Guernsey Lit Fest ‘Why Comics?’ workshop.

May: JJ Fox entry forms go out.

May: Citizen X design for digital prints and T Shirts.

February: Zone Issue 2 launch digital prints


December: BBC Radio Guernsey. Several members of ZONE appear on radio panel to talk comics.

November: Tote bag design for carpenter Finbarr Lucas.

September: ZONE at Arts Sunday, St Peter Port Guernsey.

August: ZONE at Geekend, Candie Museum Guernsey.

May: BBC Radio Guernsey ZONE panel

May: Chaperoned Kev Sutherland for lit fest to 3 of his Comic Masterclass Workshops

May: ‘ZONE Issue 1’ launched


August: JJ Fox redesign

June: Painted a backdrop for Vauvert School production.

May: A variant cover drawn by myself for 'The Bloom Saga' for Black Moor Press.


October: Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola ‘likes’ our Hellboy costume on Twitter!

October: ‘The Devils Chords’ by Thee Jenerators. 2015 vinyl album released on Twist Records.

Guernsey Lit Fest: Curator, Interviewer.

September: Interviewed Bryan & Mary Talbot in front of Guernsey Lit Fest audience.

September: Interviewed David Hine and Mark Stafford in front of Guernsey Lit Fest audience.

September: Guernsey Lit Fest exhibition opens. Curated, designed and written by me.

September: I presented to the ‘Geek Night’, St Peter Port, on the forthcoming Guernsey Lit Fest comic book exhibition.

September: I speak to BBC Radio Guernsey about forthcoming Guernsey Lit Fest comic book exhibition.

February: Flyers for DJ Tom Brock


June: No Comply Skateboard exhibition. Gatehouse Gallery Guernsey

April: Georgian Drawing Room


September: Speakesy CD cover.


November: Tower of Babel picture in JJ Fox.


Mank by Ambergris released with my artwork on it.


June: The Love Story: An etched print of mine used for the cover of this Steve Albini recorded album for Blonde Records.


November: Macuser Magazine: An article about my work for the regular ‘Twenty/20’ feature on artists who use Apple Macs.

June: 'Gyllyng Street' by Songs of Green Pheasant.


Songs of Green Pheasant: Album cover design for FatCat Records.


Exhibition of etchigns