Advertisement for ZONE T shirts. Printed in ZONE 3. March 2019.

ZONE 3 T Shirt advert.jpg

Justin Bieber In Hell

Justin Bieber in Hell

Drawn to be a bookplate in a copy of a Justin Bieber biography. This customised book was offered as a raffle prize at a Drink and Draw event in Guernsey, in October 2018, organised by Lobrau.

Featuring JB wearing his custom musical wings, sitting on a pile of skulls flanked by two demon headed goats. Version shown here has been digitally edited to make it look antique.

JJ Fox Open Art Competition

2016, 2017, 2018

Illustrations, layout and design for this Channel Island art competition, sponsored by JJ Fox. 

2018 Cover.jpg

Fin Bag.jpg

Fink Furniture

Drawn in 2017 to be screen printed onto a hesian bag promoting this Yorkshire based Furniture maker. 


St Martin's Church, Guernsey

Several illustrations for a guidebook for this Guernsey church. The illustrations combined hand drawn elements with textures digitally pasted into them. The guidebook was printed in 2016.

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sedition 4.jpg