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I've been working as a freelance illustrator & designer since 2006. Producing artwork for such music label clients as Fat Cat Records, Blonde Records, Twist Records and nothingatall.com.

In 2015 I put together an exhibition of original comic book pages for the Guernsey Literary Festival and interviewed guests Bryan & Mary Talbot, David Hine & Mark Stafford about their work as comic book professionals.

From 2017, together with several Guernsey based illustrators, designers and writers, we established 'ZONE: The Guernsey Comic Book Anthology' which is released every 9 months.

In 2018 I self published, 'After You Alex', .that I illustrated and designed. The book was written by my father and three of his friends in the early 1960s.

While my approach is that every client is different, and each new project presents unique challenges, the hallmark of my work is a sharp hand drawn line, bright colours, and an attention to detail.

This website features the work that is most representative of what I'm up to now, but a lot more is archived on my Flickr page.