'After You Alex' Paperback + 2 Prints

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After You Alex and 2 print PRODUCT.jpg
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'After You Alex' Paperback + 2 Prints


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1960: Four young men set off on an overland trip to India by Land Rover. To give the journey a theme they decided to follow the route of Alexander the Great as far as was possible. They calculated on six weeks there, six weeks back. In the end, due to many unforeseen circumstances, it took them three months to reach New Delhi. 

Their experiences are still relevant today, in spite of the many changes that have taken place in the countries they visited.

Written by:

·       Martin Dyas

·       John Moore

·       Ocsi Ullmann

·       Panagis Vourloumis

‘Overland adventures often start with a loose plan and are typically embarked upon with a ‘flying by the seat of one’s pants’ attitude. After You Alex captures the excitement, uncertainty and adventure of undertaking such a trip and paints a lucid picture of the events that unravelled following in the footsteps of Alexander The Great.’ 



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  • Designed and illustrated by Mikal Dyas

  • Edited by Cathrien Dyas

  • 19.8cm tall, 12.9cm wide. 1.7cm thick. 

  • 32 chapters

  • 342 pages in total

  • Printed on high quality glossy paper

  • Fully illustrated cover, spine and back cover

  • Full colour, double page, patterned endpapers

  • 10 single page full colour, original illustrations

  • 2 double page full colour, original illustrations

  • 35 photos, 13 of which are printed across 2 pages.

  • All photos have been retouched and sharpened

  • 3 full colour, double page maps charting the route of the group through Turkey, Afghanistan and Iran

  • Weighs 1.17 lbs

ISBN 978-0-9957978-4-0


Printed using high quality inks.

Printed on ‘Fine Art Museum Rough’ paper by Fitzgeralds.

Image is printed 16.3cm (6.41 inches) wide by 22.10 cm (8.7 inches) tall.

Paper in total is 26.50cm (10.43 inches) wide by 34cm (13.39 inches) tall.