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I've been working as a freelance illustrator & designer since 2006. Producing artwork for such music label clients as Fat Cat Records, Blonde Records, Twist Records and nothingatall.com.

In 2015 I put together an exhibition of original comic book pages for the Guernsey Literary Festival and interviewed guests Bryan & Mary Talbot, David Hine & Mark Stafford about their work as comic book professionals.

From 2017, together with several Guernsey based illustrators, designers and writers, we established 'ZONE: The Guernsey Comic Book Anthology' which is released every 9 months.

In 2018 I self published, 'After You Alex', .that I illustrated and designed. The book was written by my father and three of his friends in the early 1960s.

While my approach is that every client is different, and each new project presents unique challenges, the hallmark of my work is a sharp hand drawn line, bright colours, and an attention to detail.

This website features the work that is most representative of what I'm up to now, but a lot more is archived on my Flickr page.


In the works:

  • T-Shirts for Vinyl Vaughn’s Record Emporium

  • 3 Headed Troll time lapse, filmed drawing. Then digitally colouring it and animating it as well.

  • Book jacket designs for Vaughn Davcies history of Guernsey rock music.

May 3rd: Talking about ‘After You Alex’ in the Guernsey Literary Festival

March: Launch of Zone 3 at the Gatehouse Gallery, Guernsey.

February: Launch of Bunny Bunny by Hollie Lucia featuring my artwork.

January: Strip for ZONE 3 completed.


December: Launch of Scales & Weights by Hollie Lucia featuring my artwork

October: ‘Citizen X’ T-shirts available from Teepublic.

October: Self published paperback book ‘After You Alex’ put on sale.

October: ‘Justin Bieber in Hell’. Drawn for a raffle prize for Drink & Draw 

October: ‘Ambergris’ Digital print included in exhibition at St James, Guernsey.

September: ZONE at Geekend, Candie Museum Guernsey.

May: Volunteered at Guernsey Lit Fest ‘Why Comics?’ workshop.

May: JJ Fox entry forms go out.

May: Citizen X design for digital prints and T Shirts.

February: Zone Issue 2 launch digital prints


December: BBC Radio Guernsey. Several members of ZONE appear on radio panel to talk comics.

November: Tote bag design for carpenter Finbarr Lucas.

September: ZONE at Arts Sunday, St Peter Port Guernsey.

August: ZONE at Geekend, Candie Museum Guernsey.

May: BBC Radio Guernsey ZONE panel

May: Chaperoned Kev Sutherland for lit fest to 3 of his Comic Masterclass Workshops

May: ‘ZONE Issue 1’ launched


August: JJ Fox redesign

June: Painted a backdrop for Vauvert School production.

May: A variant cover drawn by myself for 'The Bloom Saga' for Black Moor Press.


October: Hellboy creator, Mike Mignola ‘likes’ our Hellboy costume on Twitter!

October: ‘The Devils Chords’ by Thee Jenerators. 2015 vinyl album released on Twist Records.

Guernsey Lit Fest: Curator, Interviewer.

September: Interviewed Bryan & Mary Talbot in front of Guernsey Lit Fest audience.

September: Interviewed David Hine and Mark Stafford in front of Guernsey Lit Fest audience.

September: Guernsey Lit Fest exhibition opens. Curated, designed and written by me.

September: I presented to the ‘Geek Night’, St Peter Port, on the forthcoming Guernsey Lit Fest comic book exhibition.

September: I speak to BBC Radio Guernsey about forthcoming Guernsey Lit Fest comic book exhibition.

February: Flyers for DJ Tom Brock


June: No Comply Skateboard exhibition. Gatehouse Gallery Guernsey

April: Georgian Drawing Room


September: Speakesy CD cover.


November: Tower of Babel picture in JJ Fox.


Mank by Ambergris released with my artwork on it.


June: The Love Story: An etched print of mine used for the cover of this Steve Albini recorded album for Blonde Records.


November: Macuser Magazine: An article about my work for the regular ‘Twenty/20’ feature on artists who use Apple Macs.

June: 'Gyllyng Street' by Songs of Green Pheasant.


Songs of Green Pheasant: Album cover design for FatCat Records.


Exhibition of etchings in Barnsley, Yorkshire.