This is the tumblr of Mikal Dyas, a Guernsey (Channel Islands) based illustrator, blogging about illustration, comics, films, record & CD design and Guernsey.

Graffiti by Phlegm as seen on Sharrow Vale Road in Sheffield. I took around 15 photos and stitched them together in Photoshop using the distort function to reshape them. There was a similar picture on the opposite wall but I didn’t take any photos of that one.

When I was an art student in the 90s I lived on this road and in my first year there I had a brief infatuation with the street artists of the 70s/80s, such as Haring and Basquiat. Trouble was I could never adequately justify liking it to the conceptual-art minded tutors. So I’m hoping they are now inundated by portfolios from students working in this style.